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Conditioning non-aerosol mousse with sugar and wheat protein.
Rich, 100 percent natural styling cream for light to medium hold
Active shampoo for hair loss and hair growth problems
Ampoule treatment for tired hair with trace element, mineral and vitamin deficiencies
For a silky matte finish: styling fibres for flexible, elastic hold. Shapes and separates the hair without stickiness.
Conditioning color mask refreshes vibrant reflexes in both natural and colored red hair
Conditioning colour refreshing for vibrant reflections in copper red hair and hair that is coloured copper
Conditioning color mask refreshes reflexes in golden blonde and bleached hair
Demi-permanent colour with anti-yellow effect for natural hair that has turned grey.
The classic from England for brushing fine to normal hair: small paddle brush with padded rubber air cushion
Perfume-free, 100% natural moisturising shampoo for dry hair and scalps that are prone to sensitivity.
Rich, deep-conditioning treatment for shine and softness – 100 percent natural.
Styling hairspray with added sun care
Moisturising after sun hair mask
A deep-conditioning treatment to combat hair loss and all age-related hair changes, as well as premature greying of the hair
Cell-active anti-grey powerful scalp lotion with triple effect to protect against depigmentation and to reactivate pigmentation. Revitalises and strengthens the hair.
Invigorating, dynamic aromatherapy complex for tired scalps
Active shampoo for straggly hair
Structurising shampoo to combat oily scalps
Gentle spray hair care
The professional brush of the future: it is antibacterial and deodorising, the hair is given healthy shine and is also easier and quicker to style.
Conditioning color mask refreshes vibrant reflexes in naturally brown hair
Conditioning colour neutralisation to combat yellow reflections in blonde and bleached hair to create neutral, beige shades
Bounce-boosting, restructuring hair mask
A restructuring deep-conditioning treatment
Restructuring deep-conditioning hair care
Shampoo for refreshing colour brilliance
Nourishing deep-conditioning hair care
Circulation-boosting, dynamic aromatherapy complex for dry scalps
Nourishing leave-in care for all hair types: 100 percent natural.
Food supplement to strengthen hair and nails.
Gentle cleansing for daily hair-washing.
Conditioning colour refreshing for rich reflections in naturally brown hair and hair that is coloured brown in cool shades
Special oil for dry scalps
For skin, hair and beard. An exciting energising shower gel that gently cleanses and contains an extra portion of moisture to protect the hair and skin against dehydration.
After-sun shampoo for the hair and body
Sulphate-free shampoo for cool naturally blonde, coloured and bleached hair with a colour protection complex.
Nourishing express hair care
A dynamic aromatherapy complex to boost hair growth
Express care and color refresher for cool, blonde and bleached hair
Ideal for giving long hair more shape and volume: handy round brush made of hair- and scalp-friendly ceramic
Big curls, more bounce and movement for extra-long hair: round brush with heat-storing aluminium body with special hold in the hair
Perfect for drying very thick and dense long hair: handy ceramic round brush with special hold in the hair
Invigorating scalp lotion to stimulate the scalp and strengthen the hair.
Shampoo bar for all hair types