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  1. 1 Set

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    Dry Hair Shampoo & Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Mask Vital
  2. 250ml

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    Structurising shampoo for dry scalps
  3. 250ml

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    Structurising shampoo for sensitive scalps
  4. 100ml

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    Scalp lotion for irritated scalps
  5. 100ml

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    Protective care emulsion with instant effect
  6. 30ml

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    Relaxing aromatherapy complex for tight, itchy scalps
  7. 150ml

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    Effective anti-frizz conditioner to combat frizzy, structurally damaged hair
  8. 250ml

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    Active anti-dandruff shampoo
  9. 150ml

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    A luxury express hair care with exquisite extracts of champagne, silk peptides and...
  10. 250ml

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    Structurising shampoo to combat oily scalps
  11. 100ml

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    Volume body builder for fine hair
  12. 250ml

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    Active shampoo for straggly hair