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  1. 250ml

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    Extra mild anti-frizz shampoo to sooth stubborn hair
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    Colour protection shampoo for stressed hair with revolutionary colour protection complex
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    Express care conditioner for coloured and tinted hair with revolutionary colour...
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    A volumising shampoo for long hair. Balances out the appearance of structural...
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    Two-phase express conditioning spray with highly effective proteins for dry, structurally...
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    Gentle, moisturising and oil-replenishing shampoo for dry, stressed and brittle hair.
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    For precise arrangement of the hair: fine-toothed tail comb of hair- and scalp-friendly...
  8. 1 pcs

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    Ideal for creating volume at the roots and movement in long hair: handy ceramic round...
  9. 1 pcs

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    Ideal for giving long hair more shape and volume: handy round brush made of hair- and...
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    Big curls, more bounce and movement for extra-long hair: round brush with heat-storing...
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    Perfect for drying very thick and dense long hair: handy ceramic round brush with special...
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    Perfect for short hair and fringes: handy round brush made of hair- and scalp-friendly...