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    Keeps hands soft and smooth: the rich wellness hand care cream with selected moisturising...
  2. 75ml

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    Refreshing deodorant for long-lasting freshness: the sensuously scented roll-on...
  3. 50g

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    Relaxing wellness bath for every skin type: The sensuously scented sea salt magically and...
  4. 150ml

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    Cell-active cleansing mousse for gentle cleansing and moisturising of the facial skin
  5. 50ml

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    Cell-active hand care rebuilds the stressed skin of the hands and influences their even...
  6. 200ml

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    Cell-active, protective and moisturising toner
  7. 200ml

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    Cell-active, shaping and firming regenerative body care for tight body contours and...
  8. 100ml

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    Hand scrub for velvety soft, perfectly cared for hands and nails
  9. 100ml

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    Gentle wellness body oil for intensive care
  10. 250ml

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    Invigorating wellness shower scrub for velvety soft skin
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    Refreshing wellness shower/bath for skin and hair
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    Pampering wellness body milk for silky soft skin